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Day 068

Day 068 -Driving in one of the Virginias, West I think, someone finally got it right and is clearly giving me the recognition I deserve.  When I drove up to investigate, there was nothing to see.  A fitting monument indeed. (November 22, 2016)

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Day 364

Day 364 -I’ve always said that I take requests, however I admit this one was already planned when the suggestion was made to me. None the less it holds the covenant second to last photo in this little project of mine because Doc Cloyd thought it would be a fitting ending. “You may not be […]

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Day 314

Day 314 -Like and share if you know the pothole guy.  The pothole guy stands watch outside the gate and with his trusty bucket and some dirt he’s saving the roads of Djibouti one pothole at a time. And unlike most paid road construction workers, he always does it with a smile.  -JULY 16

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Day 257

Day 257 -My last day in Rome and I had something picked out.  However, when I got to the fountain it was being emptied and cleaned.  So I picked something generically Italy.  What a great time I had. -MAY 20

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Day 217

Day 217 -Driving down the road and noticed the Power Cow.  It sounds like a radio station.  Imagine a guy with a deep voice (not mine) saying 98.3 the POWER COW. -APRIL 10

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Day 199

Day 199 -I walked outside mid morning to find, what we call in Africa, a significant amount of precipitation.  On my way to the shower earlier I felt a mist for about 15 seconds.  I would describe my emotion similar to that of a heavy snowfall on a Christmas day.  I just looked to the […]

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Day 101

Day 101 -You can’t really tell but it was a snowy drive home.  I was just playing around with the camera on my dash, and got this.  The beauty of highway signs and street lights being passed at 60 mph.  -DECEMBER 15

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