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Starting on Sept 6, I began doing a photo-a-day. The only rule is that it was taken that day. Enjoy.

Christmas Day 14

Christmas Day 14 -Tuesday will mark the one year anniversary of Manitou’s passing.  So on my last day in New York, meant taking him on one last walk before taking him to his final resting place.  A very rainy day but it was a nice time walking the old route and all the memories that […]

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Christmas Day 13

Christmas Day 13 -A suggested I go to Brooklyn the other day and take some pictures.  Well I’m a few days late and didn’t have time to stay long.  However, one of my favorites walks in the city, is across the bridge.  Thus today’s photo.  As an extra bonus I was able to capture 2013’s […]

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Christmas Day 12

Christmas Day 12 -My favorite indoor space in NYC.  For almost a year a had two hour commute and the only thing good about it was coming home to this building.  It’s a special place for sure. -DECEMBER 27

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Christmas Day 11 Bonus

Christmas Day 11 Bonus -For regular viewers of the previous versions of the daily photo, you probably recognize Sam. It’s been a long time since he appeared in a photo, but he remembered why he made in appearance in the first place… friendship. He always reminds me to be a good friend like the ones […]

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Christmas Day 11

Christmas Day 11 -The last time I was down here the Freedom Tower was just getting started.  It’s still very moving to be down in that area and brings up a lot of emotions.  I always think of an interview with a woman talking about how she was half way down the stairs and the […]

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Christmas Day 10

Christmas Day 10 -Happy Birthday Jesus.  In honor his birthday I got the best banana pudding in town.  I had to have something southern for dessert since I’m missing home.  DECEMBER 25

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Christmas Day 09

Christmas Day 09 -Today I decided to spend Christmas Eve with my special lady.  It’s been too long, but she’s as beautiful as ever.  My favorite part about this photo is the moon.  It just worked out great.  Second best Christmas present I could have asked for from the birthday boy.  I’m still believing in […]

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Christmas Day 08

Christmas Day 08 -Another first in NY experiences despite living here for a few years.  My first trip to MSG and a Rangers game.  It was a great night with the Rangers winning in a shootout 2-1. -DECEMBER 23

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Christmas Day 07

Christmas Day 07 -Nothing better than NYC city firemen and they’re certainly in the spirit.  This truck is right down the street from my old place.  I always wanted to photograph this truck during the original daily photo project, but never got the chance. -DECEMBER 22

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