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Starting on Sept 6, I began doing a photo-a-day. The only rule is that it was taken that day. Enjoy.

Christmas Day 04

Christmas Day 04 -I fantastic view from a rooftop in midtown.  Special thanx to the people making my Christmas all I could ever hope for by letting spend it on my island. DECEMBER 19.

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Christmas Day 01

CHRISTMAS DAY 01 -Well I’m back on my island and had to do something New York iconic for the special edition daily photo.  What better icon than the Empire State Building.  Happy to be back in NYC. -December 16

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Day 365

Day 365 -Well this is it. The last photo marking the end of another year of my life. It was quite a ride as I began as a new home owner back in MN. Then I decided to head across the world to East Africa. As I prepared for the journey I receive the tough […]

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Day 364

Day 364 -I’ve always said that I take requests, however I admit this one was already planned when the suggestion was made to me. None the less it holds the covenant second to last photo in this little project of mine because Doc Cloyd thought it would be a fitting ending. “You may not be […]

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Day 363

Day 363 -My parents came to town just in time to make it into the collection. They have been married 47 years and have been the best parents my brothers and I could have asked for. “He’s a lion-hearted man, she’s a Jesus-lovin’ woman” -SEPTEMBER 3

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Day 362

Day 362 -I was here before five or six years ago and had to get it in for the last week of the project.  If you haven’t already… See Ruby Falls. -SEPTEMBER 2

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Day 361

Day 361 -It was Boomsday in Knoxville, the biggest Labor Day fireworks show in the country (the day before Labor Day.) It was amazing.  I wish I would have found out about it sooner, so I could have found a better spot.  Still a great night on the river. -SEPTEMBER 1

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