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Head Shots, I Know You Hate Having Your Picture Taken.

Recently my client, Smarter Searches, said they needed a few head shots for the staff.  They wanted something fun.  When I arrived I was informed that they weren’t very thrilled to have their photos taken, which almost always happens as a photographer.  Honestly I love it when someone isn’t looking forward to having their photo […]

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Space, the Not So Final Frontier

About a week ago I was fortunate to get a new client and photograph some of their office space.  Regus is a company that provides office space and services to small businesses and people working remotely.  It is a great solution that a lot of people like me that primarily work alone. As a commercial […]

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Day 352

Day 352 -The cliched photo of the bean.  It was good to spend the day back in Chicago.  I’ve passed through a lot usually getting there at night and leaving the next morning.  Today I walked the old neighborhood, saw the park, and even strolled by the old apartment.  It’s a great city, no doubt […]

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Day 348

Day 348 -My buddy Charlie hanging out with me as the only boys in the house I’ve been staying out.  Actually I think he just likes having someone sane around. -AUGUST 19

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Day 288

Day 288 -With highs up into the teens, the one-hundred teens, it’s important to hydrate as often as possible.  One of the many water coolers around camp stalked with cold wet goodness. -JUNE 20

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Day 283

Day 283 -We had a visitor that showed up at our office today.  He was very disappointed to find out that we had no need for car insurance.  He decided just to hang out for a while and try to absorb the cool from the air conditioner through the glass.  Just and FYI today was […]

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Day 251

Day 251 -Let’s play ball.  A night game here at the base seemed pretty lively.  For those in the know, that flag in the background easily should have been black. -MAY 14

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Taking Better Photos

So you got a DSLR and you want to move to New York City and follow Lindsey Lohan hoping you get that million dollar moment of when she finally goes crazy?  Well first of all you’re too late, second let’s talk about some general rules to allow you to take better photos.  This blog will […]

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