Taking Better Photos

So you got a DSLR and you want to move to New York City and follow Lindsey Lohan hoping you get that million dollar moment of when she finally goes crazy?  Well first of all you’re too late, second let’s talk about some general rules to allow you to take better photos.  This blog will concentrate on specifics down the road, but there had to be a first post.

1.)  Your flash at best might travel 20 feet at most and usually a lot less.  So next time you’re in section 574 at the Bruce Springsteen concert, remember your flash is only lighting up the bald guy’s head in front of you and also draining your battery.

2.) Thanks to digital cameras, you can take a lot of photos.  Experiment!  It’s something all good photographers do constantly.  Take the same picture with different settings, Youtube your camera and its features, play around.  Don’t wait and let instagram try to make it look cool.

3.) Filters and instagram are all the rage these days, but at the end of the day it’s all about the photo.  Get candid photos at the next party instead of the same arms length away photo.  Get down to your cat’s level when you dress it up instead of taking it from where your height.   Get one you like and then do something completely different with the same subject.  Some of the best photos are taken by accident.

4) Lastly if you have a profile photo on myspace, it should be of you not your extended family.  Then when you post stuff we see a unrecognizable mosaic and have not idea who you are.  That has nothing to do with photography, just a pet peeve.

Hope these tips get you started and also I hope you like sarcasm.  If you don’t than you’re probably super awesome.  The future posts will be more technical so tune in for more.

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