Head Shots, I Know You Hate Having Your Picture Taken.


Recently my client, Smarter Searches, said they needed a few head shots for the staff.  They wanted something fun.  When I arrived I was informed that they weren’t very thrilled to have their photos taken, which almost always happens as a photographer.  Honestly I love it when someone isn’t looking forward to having their photo taken.  I just take it as an opportunity to make someone happier than expected.  I am very confident in my technical skills to take photos, but I’m equally confident that I can make people happy and comfortable when working with them.  We started with classic outdoor headshots and once everyone was happy we moved into a nearby alley.  What a great time I had and more importantly the staff had.  They put on their sunglasses and looked at the lens with some attitude, which resulted in great photos.  The best part came the following day when the owner said that they had been dreading the photos and were really stressed about it, but then she explained how much they enjoyed the experience.  Once they had the photos I was told again how happy they were with the results.

Whether it’s head shots, a wedding, children, or even an inanimate object, I like having fun and making people feel comfortable.  It is so important in any business to have clients enjoy projects even if they’re not looking forward to them.  It is great to have such happy clients.


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