Day 177

Day 177 -Last time I did a daily photo project I also gave up color for Lent and broke the rule once.  I felt it in only appropriate to do it for this one. Today would have been Manny’s 11th birthday, and I remembered.  It seemed like every year it would come up and I would forget that day.  Last year we had a small party, but that might have been the only time.  I sure do miss him and he will never be forgotten.  It’s funny how attached I got to a dog, but then again he was with me through most of the big things in my life.  Most importantly he was there when I needed him most, getting me through the toughest part.  I’m so thankful I got to say a proper goodbye.  I brought his collar with me and in honor of his day I remembered to put it up next to my desk.  He traveled the world and was loved by many.  Check out Manny’s life in this slideshow.  I miss you buddy. -MARCH 1.

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