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Day 348

Day 348 -My buddy Charlie hanging out with me as the only boys in the house I’ve been staying out.  Actually I think he just likes having someone sane around. -AUGUST 19

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Day 291

Day 291 -Today I had the great pleasure of working with the K-9 unit.  So I was able to have Bosco model our new unit patch that I  designed.  It was great to see the working dogs in action, but it sure made me miss Manny.  I chuckled a few times when I thought how […]

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Day 177

Day 177 -Last time I did a daily photo project I also gave up color for Lent and broke the rule once.  I felt it in only appropriate to do it for this one. Today would have been Manny’s 11th birthday, and I remembered.  It seemed like every year it would come up and I […]

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Day 117

Day 117 -I’ve said a lot of goodbyes this past week, and I’ve said a lot of them over the past few years, but today I had to say the goodbye I’ve dreaded for the past ten years.  My dog has been by my side almost his entire life.  He’s lived in two countries, four […]

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Day 113

Day 113 -Manny took a break from running around in the snow today and just plopped down.  For some reason he looks like a seal to me in this photo.  Anyway he’s praying for a big snowfall this weekend.  He would appreciate it if you would pray too. -DECEMBER 27

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