Day 051

Day 051 -Before I ever moved to Knoxville I got a message while here with the military.  It was from one of the few friends I trust enough, to blindly go see a concert without knowing anything about the artist.  So I went to the Bijou Theatre to see Drew Holcomb.  I don’t think my friend knew that Drew went to school and started his music career here in Knoxville, but it made it a special show.  I was instantly hooked and now I can say he’s one of my favorite musicians.  So it was another great moment when I walked two blocks from my apartment to see Drew with my friends for a free concert in Market Square.  I love my Knoxville and thankful for good music.  Finally this one goes out to Johanna for telling me to go almost five years ago. (November 5, 2016)

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