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Day 051

Day 051 -Before I ever moved to Knoxville I got a message while here with the military.  It was from one of the few friends I trust enough, to blindly go see a concert without knowing anything about the artist.  So I went to the Bijou Theatre to see Drew Holcomb.  I don’t think my […]

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Day 295

Day 295 -We’ve had several great musicians come through the base, but tonight was the first one I’ve known well.  Eric Hutchinson has been a favorite for the last couple of years.  He writes great music and he’s also very funny.  Check him out if you get a chance. -JUNE 27

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Day 286

Day 286 -Country singer Casey James came to Djibouti to play for us troops.  It’s a tough crowd to get into the show when it’s 99˚out 9:00 but he rocked the house. -JUNE 18

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Day 275

Day 275 -Tonight we had the band 3OH!3 entertaining the troops.  I didn’t know what to expect, but they put on a great show.  They were also really great guys and live music it always nice treat. -JUNE 7

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Day 189

Day 189 -Had a great treat is seeing Darius Rucker here on base for a concert.  It has been a while, about 18 years by my count since I last saw him.  This one goes out to Jon and JJ.  And yes he sang some Hottie songs.  Thanks for a great show and great photo […]

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Day 137

Day 137 -The band Anberlin was at that base tonight.  They’re pretty good and as you can see, really got into it.  Lots of energy, good tunes, and of course skinny jeans.  It’s always nice to hear live music.  And Happy Birthday Mom -JANUARY 20

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Day 050

Day 050 -Over the past couple few years I’ve become a huge fan of this man, Mr. Joshua Radin.  I was lucky enough to use my photo project as a means to score a photo pass for the show.  Thanks Josh, you rocked…well whisper rocked. -OCTOBER 25

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