Week 1 Project: My Full Sail Story

Before I started at Full Sail, I had spent most of my adult life wandering through jobs trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I felt lost and wanting to be apart of something I could be passionate about. I had always thought I wanted to make movies. A vivid imagination constantly had me playing things out in my head. But then I realized other people actually did that –not me. I was saddened by the fact that I just another guy from the Midwest and not a filmmaker. Because of that I worked to support my family instead of going to college, but was not very fulfilled. Working for just pay check left me empty. Because of that, I started to learn on my own and work my way into more creative jobs. This sparked new joy into my career. Because of that I joined the military and became a photojournalist, where I could do even more creative work and travel. Using my creativity allowed me to enjoy work and make a living. Until finally, I found out I could pursue my dream of going to art school by having my G.I. Bill pay for my bachelor’s degree. I was thrilled to find a program that fit my personality and academic style. And ever since then I’ve been pursuing my passion for media and work my way to getting a degree and entering the industry. I finally feel I am on the right path for a career.

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I am JOYO or Jonathan Young -- a photographer, videographer, adventurer, and man about town. With a background in advertising and marketing, my skills lend towards commercial work, but I’ll do anything that involves imagery. anything that involves imagery.