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Day 365

Day 365 -Well this is it. The last photo marking the end of another year of my life. It was quite a ride as I began as a new home owner back in MN. Then I decided to head across the world to East Africa. As I prepared for the journey I receive the tough […]

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Day 278

Day 278 -The sun was setting over what’s known as Kluville.  It’s seems rare to be able to see the sun as a circle without it burning your retina.  So I thought I was photo worthy. -JUNE 10

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Day 256

Day 256 -I was walking by during the day with the beautiful skies and new sunset would be worth the trip back.  This one goes out to my tiny friend Lynh since it was somewhat of request. -MAY 19

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Day 243

243 -It’s interesting I’ll say that.  Say these rod iron loop thingys and figured why not.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it’s day there’s a blurry sunset in the background. -MAY 6

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Day 237

Day 237 -A few years ago I went to journalism school for the military.  There I met Airman Basic Rachael “Marti” Martinez.  She was a crazy mess.  Over the last couple of months we reunited in Africa and she’s turned into to a fine troop, and today she got promoted to Staff Sergeant.  Congrats Marti. […]

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Day 234

Day 234 -Had a great sunset and happen to be away from the fences, walls, and barbed wire.  You gotta take advantage of it when you can. -APRIL 27

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