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Day 035

Day 035 -Just as the Cubbies began the game, someone showed up who had been carving pumpkins earlier with a wonderful gift.  It looks great in the apartment, and thankful for such a thoughtful gesture. (October 20, 2016)

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Day 001 I’M BACK!

Day 001 -I’m happy to say that the daily photo is back in action.  Normally I pick my birthday or something significant, but this time it was just a Friday.  We start with a cowboy, because one of my life goals is to be a cowboy, and I feel this may be the year.  I […]

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Day 152

Day 152 -It’s Super Bowl Monday here at 2:34 am.  It was nice to be able to watch the game, but it kind of stinks when you’re and advertising professional and you don’t get to see the commercials.  Guess I’ll have to check in the with the boss at Hooker & Co to what I […]

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Day 085

Day 085 -Got to catch my nephew Jaryd wrestle.  I was worried that the outcome would not be favorable, but like a true Young he kicked some butt and won in overtime.  -NOVEMBER 29

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I am JOYO or Jonathan Young -- a photographer, videographer, adventurer, and man about town. With a background in advertising and marketing, my skills lend towards commercial work, but I’ll do anything that involves imagery. anything that involves imagery.