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Day 062

Day 062- Well I won’t lie, I forgot to take a photo today.  But it’s my project, so I can bring you this photo I took last year of a train speeding by.  I’m not sure many people are seeing these photos anyway. (November 16, 2016)

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Day 019

Day 019 -Well I lasted nineteen days until I photographed one of my favorite things.  It’s hard to find any unique angles that haven’t been done before, but who cares.  This project is about what I like.  This one goes out to Mom #2, one of my biggest supporters.  Happy Birthday! (October 4, 2016)

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Day 353

Day 353 -I was listening to an audio book on the road today and heard the following quote, “Going to the mountains is going home.”  Part of me has always felt that way.  I thought it was only fitting as I completed my road trip and arrived at my new home in Knoxville. -AUGUST 24

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Day 236

Day 236 -But it feel so right.  Those who are close to me know how dependent I am on my headphones.  It’s scary walking miles a day with only my thoughts. -April 29

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Day 217

Day 217 -Driving down the road and noticed the Power Cow.  It sounds like a radio station.  Imagine a guy with a deep voice (not mine) saying 98.3 the POWER COW. -APRIL 10

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Day 086

Day 086 -As I crossed the state line I had to stop for a photo opp.  My TX friends would often say I would fit right in here.  We’ll see about that. -NOVEMBER 30

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Day 036

Day 036 -Out on my lunch break I started taking some photos of leaves.  Then I saw this sign that reminded me a little of my old home where my girlfriend Libby lives.  I hope to see you soon baby.

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