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Day 180

Day 180 -Well if my math is right, then here we are.  It’s been a long break since posting and I hope to post the past days as I move forward.  I got discouraged for many reasons, but it’s not reason to give up.  So I’m just starting here.  What better way to get motivated […]

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Day 325

Day 325 -My good buddy and travel writer Jeff drove me by the Concord Yacht Club in Knoxville.  Mostly because he wouldn’t drive me downtown.  However, we got a great shot of a beautiful evening on the water. -JULY 24

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Day 316

Day 316 -Well after six and a half months in Africa my time is up.  I’ve made a lot of great friends, did a lot of work that I’m very proud of, and hopefully left things better than I found them.  You may recognize this shot if you’re my age or a little older from […]

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Day 140

Day 140 -Tonight the old guys went on a photo adventure visiting the Djibouti Grand Canyon for some moonlit shots.  No gift shops, hotels, or even a sign here.  It was nice to get out in the bush, but a little scary.  It mad for an interesting photo. -JANUARY 23

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