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Day 083

Day 083 -Down in Florida and saw this boat during the day and came back for a night shot.  Then I added a throw back vintage treatment and it turned out pretty cool. (December 7, 2016)

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Day 061

Day 061 -Another training flight and it was chosen because of the new moon.  It was terribly difficult even with the bright moon, but thanks to a fast lens, deep breaths, and a lot of exposures we got a few good ones. (November 15, 2016)

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Day 311

Day 311 -In my early twenties I took a fancy to cigars.  Typically only one or two a year, but I took some time to learn about them etc.  Back then I read an article about the holy grail of cigars.  Ever since I wanted to get one.  When I first got to Africa I […]

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Day 259

Day 259 -Out today looking for a place to film our news cast and grabbed this photo of my buddy Turbo walking across a land bridge to an island.  It is one of those beautiful places most people don’t know about.  -MAY 22

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Day 246

Day 246 -Out at dinner and someone picked these flowers off the tree.  Then I was told I needed to photograph them.  I do like requests.  Anyone have any? -MAY 9

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Day 234

Day 234 -Had a great sunset and happen to be away from the fences, walls, and barbed wire.  You gotta take advantage of it when you can. -APRIL 27

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Day 225

Day 225 -Out to dinner and the reflections were the thing that caught my eye.  It was a good night.  Oh and see that guy sitting back there?  He’s what the writers of 24 had in mind when they were thinking up Jack Bauer. -April 18

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