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Day 180

Day 180 -Well if my math is right, then here we are.  It’s been a long break since posting and I hope to post the past days as I move forward.  I got discouraged for many reasons, but it’s not reason to give up.  So I’m just starting here.  What better way to get motivated […]

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Day 195

Day 195 -This one is titled, “ride back to my clu.”  I just used a 3 sec exposure set it on the Ranger as I drove the 5mph speed limit.  I can be abstract.  It was either this or the bathroom.  It’s coming sooner or later. -MARCH 19.

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Day 170

Day 170 -It’s Friday you know what that means …salsa night.  Well that’s where all the non kids hang out.  I thought I’d have a look see.  Secret JOYO fact, I’ve always wanted to learn how to salsa dance.  In case you’re just joining us.  I cave up color for Lent. -FEBRUARY 22

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Day 156

Day 156 -So this guy has all of these cool light things that he plays around with.  This is a little Chinese star looking thing with lights on the ends.  It is on a string and he twirls and spins it everywhere.  It is pretty amazing.  I was excited when I met him, because I […]

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