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Day 030

Day 030 -It’s October and the baseball playoffs are in full swing. As a long suffering Cubs fan me and Harry are ready for tonight’s game.  GO CUBS! (October 15, 2016)

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Day 302

Day 302 -Today was a great day thanks to my buddy Jon LaDue I got to fulfill my dream of calling BINGO.  Today’s shot was my point of view from behind the microphone.  It was a total shock when I was invited on stage for the event and I was all smiles.  BINGO players do […]

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Day 289

Day 289 -Master Chief is protecting the desert of Africa as he hunts bad guys.  Thanks Mark Moss, formally known as Senior, for the action figure.  I finally got around to photographing him. -JUNE 21

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Day 284

Day 284 -“BINGO!” that is a word I did not shout out today.  It was an odd game today but fun none less.  I may not have won at bingo, but I did win when it came to dads.  Happy Father’s Day pop.  You’re the best example of a man I could ask for. -JUNE […]

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Day 276

Day 276 -Scrabble night here and I didn’t fair so well.  Truth be told I was ready for movie night and didn’t try to hard.  However, I was a winner of t-shirt for a drawing they were having at the club. -JUNE 8

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Day 251

Day 251 -Let’s play ball.  A night game here at the base seemed pretty lively.  For those in the know, that flag in the background easily should have been black. -MAY 14

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Day 244

Day 244 -Some service members having a late night of football on what’s appropriately known as “the turf field.”  The other day I was looking at a friend’s photos and she was doing took some night photos showing motion.  So she inspired me for today’s photo.  Thanks Teresa, love the photos. -MAY 7

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Day 174

Day 174 -Uploading live from the Camp Lemonnier Shuffleboard Championships.  The tension is thick as 13 teams battle through blood, sweat, and tears to taste the sweet nectar of victory.  Joh LaDue and Caleb Pierce have made it passed the first round as theY crushed their opponents by 11 points.  As for me I picked […]

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Day 167

Day 167 -A night of shuffle board at the recreation club.  My buddy Jon LaDue was kind enough to pose for the photo.  However, don’t let his good form fool you.  If you’re just joining us, I gave up color for Lent. -FEBRUARY 19

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