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Day 035

Day 035 -Just as the Cubbies began the game, someone showed up who had been carving pumpkins earlier with a wonderful gift.  It looks great in the apartment, and thankful for such a thoughtful gesture. (October 20, 2016)

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Christmas Day 10

Christmas Day 10 -Happy Birthday Jesus.  In honor his birthday I got the best banana pudding in town.  I had to have something southern for dessert since I’m missing home.  DECEMBER 25

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Day 110

Day 110 -Well it’s Christmas Eve and I was inspired by a song.  Manny and I went out and braved the “feels like” -6° weather to take a nice moonlit shot.  Got everything set up and realized my memory card was back at home.  I also found out my camera takes sample pics, but does […]

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