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Day 354

Day 354 -My new little buddy had a great time playing in the splash pad at World’s Fair Park.  He was also very generous with his peanuts and goldfish.  It was a nice day for summer fun… before it’s over. -AUGUST 25

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Day 348

Day 348 -My buddy Charlie hanging out with me as the only boys in the house I’ve been staying out.  Actually I think he just likes having someone sane around. -AUGUST 19

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Day 329

Day 329 -This little guy was enjoying this really cool spinning light globe.  I kind of want one myself.  Anyway I had a great time visiting with the Abedis -JULY 31

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Day 322

Day 322 -I was fortunate enough to be in my hometown as my favorite little guy turned 21.  I used to babysit him from the time he was born and now he’s all growed up.  We couldn’t find the candles so we had to improvise.  It’s rare to be at a 21st birthday where everyone […]

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Day 318

Day 318 -Nothing says America like baseball.  I got to see one of my favorite players during the state championship.  This starting center field cleanup hitter is a superstar.  I’m a proud happy Padrone today. -JULY 21

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Day 249

Day 249 -Had some visitors again for lunch and someone likes ice cream.  It was described by a co-worker as “disgusting and adorable”  I think it’s very cute. -MAY 12

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Day 085

Day 085 -Got to catch my nephew Jaryd wrestle.  I was worried that the outcome would not be favorable, but like a true Young he kicked some butt and won in overtime.  -NOVEMBER 29

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Day 019

Day 019 -It’s time I started to give back to the community, so I started a cooking class with the oldest Santiago.  Night number one was fresh pasta.  He actually was quite good at it.  Of course once we added the pesto sauce it was molto bene.  This one also goes out to the Varacalli’s, […]

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Day 014

Day 014 -Well it was “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” so I dusted off the ole pirate hat.  I borrowed a Santiago and celebrated.  This one goes out to all my Grenada friends. -SEPTEMBER 19

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