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Day 109

Day 109 -Started off the new year with getting to my happy place, Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and hiked to some falls.  It was a surprisingly warm day and perfect for hiking.  The company was the best part though. (January 02, 2017)

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Day 062

Day 062- Well I won’t lie, I forgot to take a photo today.  But it’s my project, so I can bring you this photo I took last year of a train speeding by.  I’m not sure many people are seeing these photos anyway. (November 16, 2016)

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Day 009

Day 009 -Watching a flurry of birds feeding at a bird feeder on my friend’s back deck.  This isn’t the sharpest photo, but I just liked the blur and motion.  Not all of them are perfect, but that’s the fun of the project.  (September 24, 2016)

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Day 101

Day 101 -You can’t really tell but it was a snowy drive home.  I was just playing around with the camera on my dash, and got this.  The beauty of highway signs and street lights being passed at 60 mph.  -DECEMBER 15

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Day 025

Day 025 -Abstract anyone?  Snapped this driving home going through the big city.  Played with some settings and found it pretty interesting. -SEPTEMBER 30

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