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Day 041

Day 041 -Well I guess you can say I upgraded from Day 040.  My friend Bryan called this morning and said he thought he could get us tickets if I could make it.  I said, “stop talking to me and I’ll pack.”  I jumped in the car and drove to Cleveland a race against the […]

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Day 318

Day 318 -Nothing says America like baseball.  I got to see one of my favorite players during the state championship.  This starting center field cleanup hitter is a superstar.  I’m a proud happy Padrone today. -JULY 21

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Day 336

Day 336 -My first baseball game back from Africa took place at the home of the World Champion San Francisco Giants… who are currently in last place.  Had superb seats, and it was great spending time with one of my oldest friends. -AUGUST 7

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Day 251

Day 251 -Let’s play ball.  A night game here at the base seemed pretty lively.  For those in the know, that flag in the background easily should have been black. -MAY 14

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Day 222 -Another big thanx to Tom and Jenn Pott for the gloves and balls.  It is a huge stress relief a few min a day to get out have a catch.  I also set up the newest addition to my bag, a GoPro.  Thanks to the time-lapse feature I had a 140 images to […]

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Day 208

Day 208 -It’s been my annual tradition to dawn my jersey and hat to support my beloved Cubs on opening day.  Unfortunately for Cubs fans that’s the one day filled with the most hope.  I was thinking how cool it would be to have a subdued camp patch like this one on my uniform.  However, […]

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Day 191

Day 191 -Today I picked up the mail and got this package.  t contained what might possibly be the best care package ever mailed to a U.S. Service Member.  Somebody could package this and sell it as “instant smiles.”  I opened the box, screamed, showed my buddy, and was outside playing catch in under one […]

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Day 149

Day 149 -So I’m having ice cream with Matthew Lillard and Randy Johnson, and Matt says his luggage got stolen at the airport on his first USO tour.  He had nothing really, so I thought I would help an actor down on his luck 😉  Robert Patrick had to get in the photo too, and […]

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Day 007

Day 007 -I had a delightful night in Minneapolis.  As I was walking down the street I got this great view of Target Field.  I wished for a train and then it came down the tracks. –SEPTEMBER 12

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