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Day 316

Day 316 -Well after six and a half months in Africa my time is up.  I’ve made a lot of great friends, did a lot of work that I’m very proud of, and hopefully left things better than I found them.  You may recognize this shot if you’re my age or a little older from […]

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Day 314

Day 314 -Like and share if you know the pothole guy.  The pothole guy stands watch outside the gate and with his trusty bucket and some dirt he’s saving the roads of Djibouti one pothole at a time. And unlike most paid road construction workers, he always does it with a smile.  -JULY 16

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Day 309

Day 309 -I had the pleasure of designing half of this coin, and finally got one.  It was quite an ordeal and unfortunately there are none left.  As I said I designed half of the coin and the other half was done by Joe McKee.  I tried to get you one buddy, but no luck. […]

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Day 306

Day 306 -Today I received a care package.  With the pink bubble rap you might think it is a pretty girl.  Well you’re right, but her wedding is coming up soon and I’m just the photographer.  Anyway My friend Jessica the teacher had some of her students write me letters along with a bunch of […]

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Day 305

Day 305 -We had a bazaar today at the camp and I was able to pick up some souvenirs, but this was not one of them.  Some of the art here is pretty interesting. -JULY 7

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Day 299

Day 299 -Got behind a car just like my baby back home.  It will be nice to get behind the wheel and have another adventure together.  See some old friends, and visit new places.  I love my KIA -Day 299

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