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Day 171

Day 171 -Well there’s a lot of sun here and little water.  Much what you would expect in a desert.  Naturally this wouldn’t be a very unusual sight in such a place.  However, this is artificial turf.  I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation, but it certainly had me scratching my head. -FEBRUARY 23

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Day 013

Day 013 -Tried to go for a run and take my camera with me, but that was not happening.  So I ended up on a walk and decided on this one.  I guess I like bridges this year. -SEPTEMBER 18

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Day 011

Day 011 -I was just out looking for and interesting photograph, and I seem to have found one.  Not sure what these are and what they do, but it was pretty neat and filled the bill. -SEPTEMBER 16

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Day 010

Day 010 -I had a few differnt ideas this evening, but ened up being inspired by a seventh grader named Isabella that I let use my camera.   I did tell her I was stealing her idea, so thanks Isabella for today’s photo. -SEPTEMBER 15

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