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Day 181

Day 181 -Went back to the mountains and I saw white.  I was so happy to finally see some snow.  I was able to take a few other photos with the nice overcast light. (March 14, 2017)

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Day 073

Day 073 -It’s been over 20 years but I got to see Fallingwater for the second time in my lift.  Not being in high school this time, I naturally learned a lot this time.  Unfortunately, no photos were allowed during the tour, so you get the obligatory photo from the photo op area. (November 27, […]

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Day 028

Day 028 -Well I didn’t make it to the top of a mountain due to the events of Day 025.  However we did take the scenic way back to Denver especially this one of Quandary Peak.  What a beautiful state. (October 13, 2016)

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Day 027

Day 027 -Finally made it to Colorado for the first time and it is quite beautiful.  Headed into the Gore Mountain Range and set up camp with my buddy Dan.  It was a beautiful spot and always nice to stay in a tent. (October 12, 2016)

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Day 018

Day 018 -Climbed high atop the Smokys for this shot.  The Chimney Tops is a great hike with some light bouldering at the end, but the views are worth it.  It’s two miles with a 1400ft elevation change.  There were a lot of runner-ups today with some streams and small waterfalls, but I’ll probably see […]

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Day 359

Day 359 -Some friends suggested I check out this running trail.  It is on the groundS of an abandon mental hospital.  There were many buildings over a huge area.  It was fascinating.  I found this gem as I was walking by.  I even took a page from Colin Hooker’s book and went inside.  I WAS […]

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Day 338

Day 338 -Had a beautiful drive from San Francisco to Portland with Mount Shasta along the way.  I can see why so many people like living in Northern Calif. -AUGUST 9

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Day 278

Day 278 -The sun was setting over what’s known as Kluville.  It’s seems rare to be able to see the sun as a circle without it burning your retina.  So I thought I was photo worthy. -JUNE 10

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