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Day 008

Day 008 -Driving through rural MN, I noticed this tree alone after a storm.  That’s not the sun, it’s light from Minneapolis reflecting off of the clouds.  It was very beautiful, it reminded me of the Lion King…cue song.  Nants ingonyama, bagithi Baba… (September 23, 2016)

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Day 237

Day 237 -A few years ago I went to journalism school for the military.  There I met Airman Basic Rachael “Marti” Martinez.  She was a crazy mess.  Over the last couple of months we reunited in Africa and she’s turned into to a fine troop, and today she got promoted to Staff Sergeant.  Congrats Marti. […]

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Day 214

Day 214 -Had a glorious day relaxing during a spa day at the Kepinsky hotel.  It was a tough week, so it couldn’t have come at a better time.  On my way out I snapped this little gem. -APRIL 7

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Day 097

Day 097 -The sunrises were always nice and if you’ve been following along, you know I’m a sucker for a sunrise or sunset.  So I tried to look cool. -DECEMBER 11

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