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Day 359

Day 359 -Some friends suggested I check out this running trail.  It is on the groundS of an abandon mental hospital.  There were many buildings over a huge area.  It was fascinating.  I found this gem as I was walking by.  I even took a page from Colin Hooker’s book and went inside.  I WAS […]

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Day 320

Day 320 -Came across these train tracks and couldn’t resist.  I just love the curves and the area here in Middletown, PA was quite charming. -JULY 22

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Day 304 -Driving around town and came across this place.  After seeing Zero Dark Thirty (ok not great) it reminds of the house the Bin Ladin was hiding out in.  Thankfully terrorists don’t have the luxury of hiding out here thanx to Ned. -JULY 6

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Day 181

Day 181 -I’ve been eying this contraption in my office for some time.  I thought I’d try and give it an antique look.  Upon further research in my encyclopedia, it turns out that a long time ago this was a communication device.  Basically a one way communication device.  Weird huh? -MARCH 5

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Day 018

Day 018 -Found myself in the old neighborhood, so I thought I’d grab a photo.  This one goes out to my neighbor who also used to live in the building. -SEPTEMBER 23

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