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Day 083

Day 083 -Down in Florida and saw this boat during the day and came back for a night shot.  Then I added a throw back vintage treatment and it turned out pretty cool. (December 7, 2016)

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Day 061

Day 061 -Another training flight and it was chosen because of the new moon.  It was terribly difficult even with the bright moon, but thanks to a fast lens, deep breaths, and a lot of exposures we got a few good ones. (November 15, 2016)

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Day 027

Day 027 -Finally made it to Colorado for the first time and it is quite beautiful.  Headed into the Gore Mountain Range and set up camp with my buddy Dan.  It was a beautiful spot and always nice to stay in a tent. (October 12, 2016)

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Day 021

Day 021 -Viva Las Vegas!  Well just outside the city at Red Rock Canyon.  You may notice one Vegas identifier.  It’s the beginning of a great trip a over a year in the making. (October 6, 2016)

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Day 361

Day 361 -It was Boomsday in Knoxville, the biggest Labor Day fireworks show in the country (the day before Labor Day.) It was amazing.  I wish I would have found out about it sooner, so I could have found a better spot.  Still a great night on the river. -SEPTEMBER 1

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Day 345

Day 345 -A beautiful night on Lake Superior.  Had the window open all night and the nothing puts you to sleep like the sounds of the North Shore. -AUGUST 16

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Day 333

Day 332 -I was very excited to see a cactus that looks like the kind you see on the cartoons.  The sunset was magnificent and I had to bypass some barriers to take the shot.  Thankfully no arrests were made. -AUGUST 3

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