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Day 346

Day 346 -Jessica Lewellen was extremely patient while walking on jagged rocks and wearing a wind sail on her head.  What a beautiful day and happy to see some friends tie the knot and especially honored to take their photos.  This one just cracked me up. -AUGUST 19

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Day 345

Day 345 -A beautiful night on Lake Superior.  Had the window open all night and the nothing puts you to sleep like the sounds of the North Shore. -AUGUST 16

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Day 317

Day 317 -BACK IN AMERICA!  What better place to go than America’s biggest mall.  On top of that I got to try the panoramic mode on my new iPhone.  Best of all I got to spend time with my friends for the day, before more traveling. -JULY 20

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Day 038

Day 038 -Drove through Minneapolis on my way home this evening. Expecting to get some shots somewhere else, but liked this one I got at a red light.  The rain today brought out the colors. -OCTOBER 13

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Day 037

Day 037 -So I had a pretty eventful day at work with the Air Force.  It involved this helicopter ride, so I had feature my troop Airman 1st Class Kari Giles.  She did a great job on her first helicopter flight and she’s quickly becoming a super star in our shop.  However, she’ll be the […]

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Day 031

Day 031 -Have you ever had some much going on in your head, you just try to out run it?  It was one of those days.  However, it was a good way to clear my head, and I got to enjoy the old neighborhood. -OCTOBER 6

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