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Day 306

Day 306 -Today I received a care package.  With the pink bubble rap you might think it is a pretty girl.  Well you’re right, but her wedding is coming up soon and I’m just the photographer.  Anyway My friend Jessica the teacher had some of her students write me letters along with a bunch of […]

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Day 276

Day 276 -Scrabble night here and I didn’t fair so well.  Truth be told I was ready for movie night and didn’t try to hard.  However, I was a winner of t-shirt for a drawing they were having at the club. -JUNE 8

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Day 154

Day 154 R2:  beep boap beep beep Me:  How did you turn into a mailbox you ask.  I think it’s because the U.S. Postal Service has a lot of extra money with all of the profit they’re turning these days. R2:  beep boap boop boap Me:  I liked it better when you could move too […]

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Day 145

Day 145 -Finally got some mail today and it really made me smile.  One ambitious person sent me two items.  I’m one lucky guy.  Thank you to everyone who wrote to me so far. -JANUARY 28

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