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Day 329

Day 329 -This little guy was enjoying this really cool spinning light globe.  I kind of want one myself.  Anyway I had a great time visiting with the Abedis -JULY 31

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Day 318

Day 318 -Nothing says America like baseball.  I got to see one of my favorite players during the state championship.  This starting center field cleanup hitter is a superstar.  I’m a proud happy Padrone today. -JULY 21

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Day 249

Day 249 -Had some visitors again for lunch and someone likes ice cream.  It was described by a co-worker as “disgusting and adorable”  I think it’s very cute. -MAY 12

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Day 226

Day 226 -Could you resist a model like this.  Some great people hosted a chapel group over for a time of relaxation and food.  Their adorable daughter was too cute to pass up.  The dog was a close second. -APRIL 19

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