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Day 261

Day 261 -Thought this was an interesting angle with the wide angle.  Helicopters are just cool.  I’ve always wanted wished I could have been a pilot. -MAY 24

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Day 248

Day 248 -This was a big day for me as I embarked on aerial photography.  One of those little specs down there is me and I was still able to take this photo.  It was quite exciting.  More to come in the later months. -MAY 11

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Day 142

Day 142-This had to be cleared for release but it was worth the wait.  We got a new helicopter squadron that arrived.  There were three of them scrunched in there.  Pretty cool huh? -JANUARY 25

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Day 146

Day 146 -It was one of those days where I felt very fortunate and happy to be in the military. I was working on a Marine CH-53 helicopter and those are my feet as I sat in the back with the ramp down. I think Cedar Point won’t be nearly as fun next time. So […]

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Day 037

Day 037 -So I had a pretty eventful day at work with the Air Force.  It involved this helicopter ride, so I had feature my troop Airman 1st Class Kari Giles.  She did a great job on her first helicopter flight and she’s quickly becoming a super star in our shop.  However, she’ll be the […]

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