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Day 283

Day 283 -We had a visitor that showed up at our office today.  He was very disappointed to find out that we had no need for car insurance.  He decided just to hang out for a while and try to absorb the cool from the air conditioner through the glass.  Just and FYI today was […]

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Day 274

Day 274 -Leaving Stuttgart and Europe probably for a while.  Although I was working almost the whole time, I certainly can’t complain about getting some more culture.  Even if it’s a stretch make sure travel, it’s a beautiful thing.  Now back to the dessert I go. -JUNE 6

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Day 229

Day 229 -After yesterday’s trip to the salt lake, I thought a picture of salt would be appropriate.  I tried to get creative with the macro, tupperware,  remote flash, and a black sock.  However it was the processing that made the photo unique. -APRIL 22

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Day 225

Day 225 -Out to dinner and the reflections were the thing that caught my eye.  It was a good night.  Oh and see that guy sitting back there?  He’s what the writers of 24 had in mind when they were thinking up Jack Bauer. -April 18

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