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Day 107

Day 107 -Spent my New Year’s with my favorite person that I met in 2016 and with my Knoxville family.  My buddy Tom’s daughter got married and the party at the Knoxville Museum of Art was fantastic.  It was a great way to ring in 2017, which is going to be awesome. (December 31, 2016)

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Day 076

Day 076 -One of my new favorite holiday traditions is writing cards to the troops.  My friend Erin organizes a night every year, where a lot of fun people hang out at a restaurant and write cards that to troops that can’t be home for Christmas.  As a service member myself, I can tell you […]

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Day 039

Day 039 -It was the perfect evening for bocce ball at World’s Fair Park here in Knoxville.  It’s great to live a place that has fun areas to gather. (October 24, 2016)

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Day 036

Day 036 -Had my first show of the year since I’ve been gone so long, and it was great.  Lots of friends came out to see my work and we had a lot of fun. (October 21, 2016)

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Day 313

Day 313 -This photo was six months in the making as my buddy Jon Ladue ran his 200th mile here in Africa with little time to spare before leaving.  I ran the last mile with hime, but you probably notice I had to get there first to take the photo.  I’m proud of you buddy. […]

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Day 284

Day 284 -“BINGO!” that is a word I did not shout out today.  It was an odd game today but fun none less.  I may not have won at bingo, but I did win when it came to dads.  Happy Father’s Day pop.  You’re the best example of a man I could ask for. -JUNE […]

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Day 174

Day 174 -Uploading live from the Camp Lemonnier Shuffleboard Championships.  The tension is thick as 13 teams battle through blood, sweat, and tears to taste the sweet nectar of victory.  Joh LaDue and Caleb Pierce have made it passed the first round as theY crushed their opponents by 11 points.  As for me I picked […]

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Day 167

Day 167 -A night of shuffle board at the recreation club.  My buddy Jon LaDue was kind enough to pose for the photo.  However, don’t let his good form fool you.  If you’re just joining us, I gave up color for Lent. -FEBRUARY 19

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Day 165

Day 165 -This is a rare sight here for me, and better yet they were friends from home.  So I got to play with kids and see my friends.  It was a great day. -FEBRUARY 15

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