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Day 079

Day 079 -Got the tree up and decorating was the most fun I’ve had in years, despite a rocky start.  My first bulb shattered and I was not in the Christmas mood, but my Christmas angel picked me up and made it wonderful.  Now I have a great looking tree. (December 3, 2016)

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Day 106

Day 106 -It wouldn’t be Christmas without some shopping.  What better place than the Mall of America.  I still like going here especially with kids, however not so lucky today.  -DECEMBER 20

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Day 103

Day 103 -Well it’s year two of Jonathan vs. Christmas.  I finally got around to decorating and put all my lights on the tree, plugged them in and of course the didn’t work.  Tried another batch and they didn’t work.  Went to the store to buy lights and couldn’t find them.  Of course Target did […]

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