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Day 183

Day 183 -If you’re a math whiz than you know that this photo puts us over the half way point of the year-long project.  I couldn’t asked a cuter subject.  I traveled to an orphanage today.  It’s very surprising how many smiles I saw on all the kids faces.  This little girl was really cute, […]

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Day 113

Day 113 -Manny took a break from running around in the snow today and just plopped down.  For some reason he looks like a seal to me in this photo.  Anyway he’s praying for a big snowfall this weekend.  He would appreciate it if you would pray too. -DECEMBER 27

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Day 110

Day 110 -Well it’s Christmas Eve and I was inspired by a song.  Manny and I went out and braved the “feels like” -6° weather to take a nice moonlit shot.  Got everything set up and realized my memory card was back at home.  I also found out my camera takes sample pics, but does […]

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Day 083

Day 083 -When in need of a photo, there’s always a cute Santiago waiting to be photographed.  And sorry boys, but she is the cutest.  -NOVEMBER 27

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Day 014

Day 014 -Well it was “Talk Like A Pirate Day,” so I dusted off the ole pirate hat.  I borrowed a Santiago and celebrated.  This one goes out to all my Grenada friends. -SEPTEMBER 19

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