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Day 114

Day 114 -Earlier this week Manny and I went to take a photo and realized there was no memory card.  Well tonight, we double checked.  This one was inspired by a song. “I wish I had a river so long I would teach my feet to fly.” -DECEMBER 28

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Day 027

Day 027 -I was encouraged to avoid a nap and take Manny on a long walk and take a picture.  So this is what I got.  I hope I made you happy. -OCTOBER 2

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Day 013

Day 013 -Tried to go for a run and take my camera with me, but that was not happening.  So I ended up on a walk and decided on this one.  I guess I like bridges this year. -SEPTEMBER 18

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I am JOYO or Jonathan Young -- a photographer, videographer, adventurer, and man about town. With a background in advertising and marketing, my skills lend towards commercial work, but I’ll do anything that involves imagery. anything that involves imagery.