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Day 306

Day 306 -Today I received a care package.  With the pink bubble rap you might think it is a pretty girl.  Well you’re right, but her wedding is coming up soon and I’m just the photographer.  Anyway My friend Jessica the teacher had some of her students write me letters along with a bunch of […]

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Day 241

Day 241 -Thanks to technology I was able to photograph three of my favorite people.  This also marks my first international photo spanning two continents.  I got a package from the girls and their dad, so I waited to open it until we could FaceTime.  Special thanks to Emelia, Nya, Sosi, and Justin for making […]

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Day 191

Day 191 -Today I picked up the mail and got this package.  t contained what might possibly be the best care package ever mailed to a U.S. Service Member.  Somebody could package this and sell it as “instant smiles.”  I opened the box, screamed, showed my buddy, and was outside playing catch in under one […]

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Day 103

Day 103 -Well it’s year two of Jonathan vs. Christmas.  I finally got around to decorating and put all my lights on the tree, plugged them in and of course the didn’t work.  Tried another batch and they didn’t work.  Went to the store to buy lights and couldn’t find them.  Of course Target did […]

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I am JOYO or Jonathan Young -- a photographer, videographer, adventurer, and man about town. With a background in advertising and marketing, my skills lend towards commercial work, but I’ll do anything that involves imagery. anything that involves imagery.