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Day 249

Day 249 -Had some visitors again for lunch and someone likes ice cream.  It was described by a co-worker as “disgusting and adorable”  I think it’s very cute. -MAY 12

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Day 174

Day 174 -Uploading live from the Camp Lemonnier Shuffleboard Championships.  The tension is thick as 13 teams battle through blood, sweat, and tears to taste the sweet nectar of victory.  Joh LaDue and Caleb Pierce have made it passed the first round as theY crushed their opponents by 11 points.  As for me I picked […]

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Day 167

Day 167 -A night of shuffle board at the recreation club.  My buddy Jon LaDue was kind enough to pose for the photo.  However, don’t let his good form fool you.  If you’re just joining us, I gave up color for Lent. -FEBRUARY 19

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