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Day 036

Day 036 -Had my first show of the year since I’ve been gone so long, and it was great.  Lots of friends came out to see my work and we had a lot of fun. (October 21, 2016)

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Day 019

Day 019 -Well I lasted nineteen days until I photographed one of my favorite things.  It’s hard to find any unique angles that haven’t been done before, but who cares.  This project is about what I like.  This one goes out to Mom #2, one of my biggest supporters.  Happy Birthday! (October 4, 2016)

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Day 017

Day 017 -Need a faucet knob?  You can get one in just about any color at Architectural Antics, on of my favorite places in Knoxville.  I picked up a window for an art project. (October 2, 2016)

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Day 012

Day 012 -Just down the street is a really cool sculpture titled Water Drop by Hanna Jubran.  Like most of my photos I just liked the way that it looked. (September 27, 2016)

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Day 002

Day 002 -Was a hectic busy day, but the VOLS won and the flowers I had bought earlier in the week were in full bloom.  Shortly after they went in the trash, since I was leaving town. (September 17, 2016)

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Day 190

Day 190 -This one might loose a little in black and white, but don’t know I’ll see fancy fruit carvings like this again.  No special occasion or anything, just a Thursday night at the galley. -MARCH 14

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Day 131

Day 131 -Out in town for dinner and some of those leaving wanted to do some shopping.  Lots of cool African stuff to look at.  Also lots of people bugging us for all kinds of stuff. -JANUARY 14

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Day 120

Day 120 -Buongiorno, from the homeland of Italy.  Sigonella, Sicily to be exact.  Unfortunately this old ox cart was the most interesting thing I saw during my brief stay.  -JANUARY 3

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